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High Current Inductor

High Current Inductors Expand Precision’s Standard Product Line

High Current Standard Inductors Now Available

Precision Inc. now offers a line of industry standard high-current filter inductors. The inductors are available in six different product families targeting many applications including power supplies, amplifiers, regulators, RFI suppression, and filters.

The Inductors Feature:

  • High-resistivity ferrite cores for optimum electrical performance.
  • Flame-retardant, heat-shrink tube packaging to protect and insulate the coil.
  • Pre-tinned leads for easy PCB mounting.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Low-cost, high-performance design.

A wide range of inductance values and current-handling capabilities are available, with direct crosses to products from most major manufacturers. Standard lead times are 4 to 5 weeks. Custom products are also available, and Precision’s engineering staff is ready to help you optimize the standard inductor designs to fit your specific application.

If the inductor you need is not in our catalog, please call Brett Jelkin for design assistance at 888-493-9094, or send an e-mail to him at brett.jelkin@precision-inc.com


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